Image Name Produced from Needed by Description
Log Basis for planks
Plank WIPWIP Mainly used for building construction
Stone Mainly used for building construction
Coal WIP Mainly used in tool and weapon production
Ironore Refined in a smeltery
Iron Ingot WIP Mainly used in tool and weapon production
Gold Ore WIP Refined in a smeltery
Gold Ingot WIP WIP Required by the academy
Vegetables WIPWIP Food
Wheat Basis for bread
Flour Basis for bread
Bread WIPWIP Nutritious food
WIP Fish WIP WIPWIP Nutritious food
WIP Meat WIP WIPWIP Nutritious food
Flax Used to craft strings
String Used in bow making & weaving
WIP Leather WIP WIP Used for clothing
WIP Cloth WIPWIP Used for sails & clothing
WIP Fishing rod WIP WIP Used to fish fishes
Axe WIP Required by Bowmakers and Woodcutters
Hammer WIPWIP Required by Smiths and Builders
Shovel WIP Required by Levelers
Pickaxe WIP Required by Miners and Masons
Hoe WIP Required by Farmers and Peasants
Saw WIPWIP Required by Sawmills and Carpenters
Sword Basic weapon
Bow WIP Long range weapon
WIP Herbs WIP WIP Used for medicine
Tree Found in nature
Rock Found in nature
Ground Found in nature
WIP Animals WIP Found in nature
Water WIP Found in nature
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