We are two brothers from Germany and started developing Serfs in March 2018 as a hobby project. As time advanced we noticed that it has great potential and started investing more and more effort in the development.

If you have any questions, suggestions or issue feel free to visit the Forum or Contact us!


Serfs combines many aspects of strategic gameplay:

  • City building: Establish buildings and paths in a completely gridless environment to allow you the most control and freedom as possible
  • Economy: Build and optimize your production lines to achieve an efficient and profitable economy
  • Military: Create a sturdy protection for your empire against incoming attacks and expand your borders by claiming unoccupied land
  • Warfare: Conquer hostile territory and triumph over your enemies in great battles

Placing different types of buildings and connecting them with paths is an easy to learn process. But as the empire grows, productions become more complex and require more goods and suddenly, the previously empty paths, start to stall and whole productions have to slow down. 

The process of detecting weak points, altering and refactoring certain parts of the empire or even relocating whole productions can become very challenging, but the more satisfying if it succeeds and the small village from the beginning starts to grow into a large optimized empire.

Military units are fully controllable, they can be moved freely, garrison buildings, adjust their behavior, attack and capture enemy buildings. Military buildings expand the empire and require garrison to defend incoming attacks. Military is expensive to produce and requires large productions, it always causes the need to expand the empire. An efficient & large production can be decisive.  


The Multiplayer mode allows playing with or against other players/bots and works on the same base system as the Singleplayer mode.

The World of Serfs

Serfs is themed after the High to Late Middle Ages ~13th century. And tries to resemble the architecture and ways of working these eras define.

Build your empire in large forests, open meadows or vast lands, adapt yourself to consist the challenges the landscape demands. Enjoy warm summers and overcome hard winters on procedural generated maps and dynamic weather.

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