Project update & Alpha 0.3.0 release


you may noticed the lack of updates and news the last year, due to my lack of time and motivation. Which i'm sorry for.
Though, I worked in my spare time and holidays to complete the Alpha 0.3.0 which contains all the, on twitch promoted features and many fixes and tweaks, since 0.2.12. And is now available for Windows and Linux (Standalone & Snapcraft).

I'll patch new occuring bugs and stay available on social media. But
for now a can't tell, wether or when new content will follow.

Best regards,;


Project Update
In case you missed it, I wrote a small statement about the current project state on

Link: Project Update
Serfs Newsletter - Project Update 2
Here's a brief overview on what we're currently working on.

- Multiplayer implementation
- Military units sync
- Military building capturing & general interactions
- UI improvements (Info-Panel & 3D UI)
- Performance improvements
- Military unit position updates
- Shaders & Materials (especially reducing material instances)
Serfs Newsletter - Project Update
We had to take some days off, due to some house renovation. Besides, we've made good progress on the networking implementation including save & load, which should be available within the next updates. Likewise, the Guild building is working, and we drastically improved the terrains resource requirements, very noticeable on slower devices.

Have a great week and best regards,
Kevin & Kai
Serfs Newsletter - Alpha 0.2.12
the Alpha 0.2.12 is now available. Full Changelog

- New production: Gold ore, Gold ingots
- New research
- GUI: extended building information
- GUI new on screen elements
- Improved performance
- Improved Linux compatibility
- French translation (thanks to Midori!)

We hope you like it and as always is any feedback, suggestions, criticism very appreciated!

Best regards and all best,
Kevin & Kai
Serfs Newsletter - Alpha 0.2.11

the Alpha 0.2.11 is now available on Windows and Linux.

  • New buildings: Weavery, Bow maker
  • New production: Flax, String, Bow
  • New researches
  • Extended path splitting
  • Improved Gui & performance tweaks & many fixes

Any feedback, suggestions and criticism is very appreciated!

Have a nice weekend and best regards,
Kevin & Kai
Alpha 0.2.10 Hotfix
Fixing a major bug that crept in 0.2.9.
Serfs Newsletter - Alpha 0.2.9

the Alpha 0.2.9 is now available on Windows and Linux.

  • Fixing major logic bugs & many tweaks
  • Performance improvements
  • New Academy building & first researches
  • ​Improved Gui & compatibility with higher resolutions

​See the full change log​

Any feedback, suggestions and criticism is appreciated!

Best regards,

Kevin & Kai

Alpha 0.2.8 Path splitting & Hotfix
Alpha 0.2.8 is available! Adding path splitting & bug fixes.
Serfs Newsletter - Alpha 0.2.7 & Linux
the Alpha 0.2.7 is now online, including fixes, optimized path placement and many more. Full 0.2.7 Changelog

And we're happy to announce that this is the first version, that is available on Linux! Installation instructions
You can purchase it here. If you own the Windows version already, you get the Linux version of course for free.

Any feedback, suggestions, criticism is really appreciated!

Best regards and have a nice weekend,
Kevin & Kai
Serfs Newsletter - Sale & Update
you can now purchase Serfs on for 25$.

And we just released the Alpha 0.2.6 which fixes most save & load bugs and many bugs in general.  The integrated updater works now without requiring any admin privileges and eases the whole update process considerably. 0.2.6 Changelog

We'll now keep working on more advertisements and game content, especially get the Multiplayer up to date and running. 

Best regards and nice holidays,

Kevin & Kai
Project Update
Even if the campaign was not successful, we want to thank all of you again for the support. We've learned much through this campaign and know that we've made mistakes. But that's the process I guess. We've got some exposure and are in contact with potential publishers, which is great. Either way, we still do believe in this project, and we keep working on it any way. We'll offer the game* on our website soon and keep the newsletter active.

*Full Alpha access until release + Release version. (+free conversion to Steam key once available)

We wish you all the best and stay safe during this crazy times,
Kevin & Kai
0.2.4 Administrator privileges
In case the integrated Updater doesn't work for you, try to start the game as Administrator, otherwise install the 0.2.5 manually. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Alpha 0.2.5
The alpha 0.2.5 is available.
Alpha 0.2.4
The alpha 0.2.5 is available.
Discord Server
Check out our Discord server to chat with us and other player about the game, new features or ask/help with questions.
Alpha 0.2.3
We just uploaded alpha 0.2.3. Fixing major Bugs, added save & load & many gameplay fixes/tweaks.
Alpha 0.2.2
We just uploaded alpha 0.2.2 which fixes 2 game breakers and some smaller tweaks & fixes.
Open alpha
we just uploaded the open alpha! Inc...
Hello guys,
make sure to follow us on Twitter where we share more in depth videos, images and polls.
The first day passed
Hello guys,
as you can imagine is this a pretty exciting time for us. We want to thank all our early backers and for all the support and kind words we already received. It's a great motivation!
Kickstarter launched!
We're happy to announce that the Kickstarter campaign launched successfully!
A big thank you to all, who already backed and are supporting us.

Best regards
Demo now available
We've just uploaded the Demo build and wish you much fun playing it. Feedback is really appreciated.
Kickstarter page
we've just launched the Kickstarter preview page.
Feel free to share and follow the project :)
The Demo will be available the next days.
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