Getting Started

This article is work in progress and gets extendet over time

Welcome in the world of Serfs. Gather resources, build large productions, expand and conquer new territory and always optimize your empire to become the greatest emperor.
This article will guide you through the games basics and may give some guidance.


You start with your small Settlement somewhere in nowhere and only have enough goods to build the basic productions. The essence for Buildings are Planks and Stone, both can be found in nature and only need to become harvested. The Woodcutter chops down trees, and produces Logs. These require a Sawmill, which cuts them into Planks. The Mason directly mines Stones from rocks. These are the most important buildings as they assure the production of the base goods.


To start building select the desired building from the menu. Now you can place it anywhere inside your empire.
It's recommended to place buildings, that gather resources in nature, near said resources.

Building panel

During placement there are following indicators:

  • Empire border & placeable area
  • Military influence
  • Ground steepness

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