Image Name Costs Tool Requires Produces Description
Sawmill 6 3 Cuts logs into wooden planks
Iron Smeltery 3 5 Refines iron ore into ingots
WIP Gold Smeltery 3 5 Refines gold ore into ingots
Toolsmith 6 5 Produces any metal tool
WIP Carpenter 5 4 WIP Produces any wood tool
Weaponsmith 5 5 Produces any metal weapon
Windmill 8 6 Grinds wheat into flour
Bakery 4 5 Bakes flour into Bread
Bowmaker 5 5 Produces bows
Weaver 8 5 WIP Creates cloth and strings
WIP Clothier 8 5 WIPWIP Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type null in /mnt/web217/d3/27/58259827/htdocs/k2/serfs/wiki/buildings.php on line 11 Creates clothing
WIP Medic 6 3 WIP Heals military units
WIP Shipyard 15 8 WIP Constructs ships
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