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Changelog Alpha 0.2.12

Author: Kai (admin)
2020/05/04 12:26:45
Changelog 0.2.12
Patch size: ~109Mb 
Patch  compatible with versions: >=0.2.8

  • Gold research
  • Gold ore and ingot production
  • Different education researches (increase work speed of certain serfs)
  • Hint delay setting
  • Show/hide object names in hints setting
  • Adjustable Minimap size
  • Ui progress indicators (Circular progress bars)
  • Separate frame for  Construction sites in info panel
  • Construction sites storage is modifiable during construction
  • Building storage show active/inactive state in info panel (building storage is inactive during construction)
  • Storage mode (in, out, stop, in and out) can be set for all storage members
  • French translation (thanks to Midori :)
  • Carrier stuck during release item in building
  • Color dropdown index out of range
  • Academy header text not visible on 4k resolution
  • Reactivation for Snap version after update
  • Audio connection in snap version
  • Increased Academy priority
  • Reduced Info panel refresh calls
  • Storage settings adjustable with a dropdown
  • Production buildings can set storage state to (only in/ stop)
  • Settings descriptions
  • Refactored settings (improved loading times)
  • Research layout and element sizes
  • Increased work area size for lumber and forester
  • Increased work duration for Smeltery, Bakery, Windmill
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