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Changelog Alpha 0.2.11

Author: Kevin (admin)
2020/04/29 12:21:06
Changelog 0.2.11

Patch size: ~103Mb 
Patch  compatible with versions: >=0.2.8

  • Page up / page down tilts the camera (wip)
  • Roads can be split without building a new road
  • Research of Flax, Weavery and Bow maker
  • New Buildings: Bow maker, Weaver
  • New Goods: Flax, String
  • Peasants can cultivate Flax after research
  • Toggle in info panel for Warehouses and Castle to view global storage count
  • Extended debug logging
  • Heavy lag on startup which caused Linux "Force/Quit Wait" dialog
  • News and Updater web request lag
  • Agents resume walk animation after loading
  • Foliage was missing after loading
  • Farmer work routine
  • Wheat fields duplicated after loading
  • Info panel: Storage entries show more info
  • Info panel: Production entries show more info
  • Reduced the usage of tooltips
  • Menu scene loading time
  • Research requirements make more sense
  • Building icons
  • Carrier pose for Bow
  • Swordsman engage distance
  • Bot path placement
  • Bot behavior 
Known issues:
  • Sometimes carriers are requested from warehouses far away if nearest warehouse is busy
  • Bots may cause heavy lags
  • Cursor not changing visuals on Linux
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