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Site suggestions

Author: gcarreno
2020/04/28 14:30:58
Hey guys,

Would it be possible that you guys not depend solely on the `PHPSESSION` cookie and have some other cookie that would last at least 12h after login?

Maybe a `Remember me` thing, or just a login cookie with duration +12h?

Dunno, cuz I've noticed that this site is not based on any framework:
  • It doesn't have a nice MVC CRUD URLs like:
    • /forum/add and/ or
    •  /forum/slug based on topic title, etc...
  • I'm guessing you guys didn't even implement a Dispatcher based on Routing rules, right?
But nevermind that, my cookie suggestion is what matters. You do you and do it in the most comfortable way you know!!


PS: If you guys are inclined to outsource the site maintenance, I could mock up a quick SlimPHP or CakePHP4 thing for your consideration.
Author: Kevin (admin)
2020/04/29 10:29:43
Hi Gus,
I implemented a checkbox in the login form. The stored cookie is valid a week.

The suggestion with the URLs is now on the todo list, but at the moment there are plenty other things with higher priority.

I often get the impression that frameworks bring along a lot of overhead, which is not needed in every case and require also a lot of time to get into it. I noticed you joined the discord, when you have the time and desire you can of course chat with us about it and maybe I'm wrong.

Author: gcarreno
2020/04/29 17:12:27
Hey Kevin,

I think this one is solved by our discord chat.

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