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Changelog Alpha 0.2.9

Author: Kai (admin)
2020/04/22 12:22:16
Changelog 0.2.9
Patch size ~230Mb

  • Adjustable tooltip font size
  • Screen edge panning
  • Adjustable cursor size on Linux
  • New building: Academy
  • Research window (can be accessed in any built Academy)
  • Fog of War revealed by teammates
  • Buildings chimney smoke
  • Worker sometimes stuck on their building node
  • Worker walk back to building position when building is destroyed while working
  • Carriers stuck when picking item up while loading
  • Carriers and workers start "dancing" at very low fps
  • Exception when node is destroyed while worker or carrier releasing item
  • Items delivered back into storage after providing when target building has only one free slot left
  • Worker stuck at workplace or before building when no possible path to target was found
  • Carrier walk sometimes not into storage when path is destroyed
  • Carrier walks home and leaves path empty when releasing goods at building and building gets destroyed
  • Leveler animation is not stopped when building site is paused
  • Builder still increments progress when construction site is paused and is walking to storage
  • Peasant and farmer plant on roads when constructed under them while working
  • Peasant and farmer throw exception when road is constructed under them while harvesting
  • Scene loading times
  • Typos and grammar (thanks to Codyak)
  • Serfs don't use position ray casting anymore (huge performance improvement)
  • Code refactoring to reduce CPU load
  • Faster military enemy search
Known issues:
  • Sometimes carriers are requested from warehouses far away if nearest warehouse is busy
  • Bots may cause heavy lags
  • Cursor not changing visuals on Linux
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