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Building destruction & consequences

Author: Kai (admin)
2020/03/09 20:05:46
As we haven't found a good solution to handle the buildings deconstruction, I'll summarize and explain it a bit here.

Required functions:
  • Possibility to get back all or a certain amount of building materials (stone & wood)
  • Possibility to get back goods inside the buildings' storage (like food in a mine)
  • Visually fitting
Current solution & problems
As we destroy the building instantly we only could spawn the refunded building materials on its node. (limited to 8 items & depends on the space the node has & storage items get lost)
If we add a separate button, which causes the building to empty its storage before deconstruction the limited node space is still a restriction.

Planned Solution & problems
  • If the player calls the buildings deconstruction the buildings worker starts to output all items in the storage
  • If the storage is empty the worker leaves and a builder gets requested -> the builder starts deconstructing the building and refunds the materials bit by bit.
  • Possibility to instantly destroy the building to catch the problems explained below(no refund, storage is lost)
It's kind of contra productive as the deconstruction stalls if the buildings node is full. Likewise, it potentially can worsen the logistics vastly
And buildings with large storages, specific Warehouses, would require very long to empty. (pro or con..?)

So despite the ambiguities we think its the best approach and we'll work towards this solution. 

Any ideas, suggestions, etc. are very appreciated!
Author: Linkey
2020/03/11 19:47:17
I like the idea of deconstructing the buildings + the option to instantly destroy it. That way it is ensured, that materials are taken out one by one. It's also more "realistic" and adds additional "tactical aspects".

So you can either get your materials back (but it takes some time + it could disturb your goods flow on the paths) or you can instantly destroy it, to get some space/a specific serf for another building if you need it immediately.
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