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Changelog Alpha 0.2.7

Author: Kevin (admin)
2020/04/13 09:23:21
Changelog 0.2.7
  • Linux support! (read instructions)
  • Infopanel shows production type more specific
  • Small Warehouse unlocked in tutorial
  • Watchtower does not work after loading
  • Messages scale on large resolutions
  • Tooltip scale on large resolutions
  • Tutorial placement on not 16:9 screen ratios
  • Building panel hotkey and counter visible on large resolutions
  • Refactored many functions for networking
  • Filename of savegames allows now alphanumeric chars
  • Many small fixes to support Linux (paths, environment variables, ...)
  • Team setup in lobbies
  • Color selection gets masked
  • Path placement is smoother and less flickering
  • Mines show the food rations in description
  • Mines show current production in tooltip
  • Replaced hotkey to show building description with a separate icon inside the buildings frame
  • Translations
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